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Welcome to Scottish Seafood Exports


Scotland is known worldwide for its pristine environment which supports the sustainable production of premium quality seafood, meat, cereals and whisky.


The quality of food and drink that Scotland has to offer is world-renowned and our premium produce is increasingly cultivating an impressive reputation overseas.

Alex Salmond, First Minister, December 2011, China.


Scotland is now the largest farmed salmon producing country in the EU, producing around 150,000 tonnes of premium salmon in 2010.  Scottish Farmed salmon was the first non-French product to achieve the French Government's "Label Rouge" quality award.  We have been proud to hold this accolade for over 20 years which clearly signifies Scotland's commitment to quality. Premium Scottish salmon is available whole, filleted or portioned and packaged for wholesale or retail distribution.


Scotland's Langoustine landings of 30,000 tons per annum are the second most valuable product behind Mackerel.   Langoustine is the quintessentially Scottish seafood product and we work closely with small and medium sized day boats on the west coast of Scotland, with collections day or night to ensure we only provide the finest, freshest quality Scottish langoustine.


We only supply premium Scottish seafood including; Salmon, Trout, Langoustine, Scallops, Crab, Lobster, Mackerel, Herring, Mussels and Razor Clams.  These products are available fresh or frozen. We also supply hot and cold smoked salmon and trout and hot smoked mackerel.


We work with leading Scottish salmon and trout aquaculture companies, seafood processors and fishing boatsexporting Scotland's finest seafood around the world


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We lead on Export consultation in Scotland for seafood companies and to interested parties overseas.

We strive to create positive, open and supportive long term relationships with our import and export partners. 

Scottish Seafood Exports is the gateway to Scotland’s finest seafood produce.



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